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Our holes are what build us, not break us.

Karagan Osmann | 12 July, 2021

            Our holes are what build us, not break us.

Our holes are what build us, not break us. 

I think we all can say we’ve felt broken at one point in time, and maybe we feel that right now. But even if that is you, I challenge you to take a step back and look at the beauty that can come from it… if you make the decision to look at it differently. I know, that is way easier said than done but let me share with you why.

Here’s why. There is this amazing Japanese art called Kintsugi. It’s an art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold. Built on the idea that in embracing all the flaws and imperfections, you create an even stronger, more beautiful piece of art. Now, isn’t that the most perfect analogy we can apply to life? 

We all have the ability to embrace the damage we’ve experienced and not let it define us or change who we are. We are that broken pottery piece. But it’s our choice to pick up that piece and put it back together. It’s the choice of not letting the damage keep us broken, but to let it be the building blocks to something even better… full of beauty, strength and character.

Life is hard, full of trials and tribulations that feel like the end of the world. But next time you are feeling broken, try to remind yourself that we all have the ability to pick ourselves back up, turn our troubles into something beautiful and search to find the silver lining. To see the beauty in that we are all our individual selves, with our own unique story. In those moments, we can choose to look at it like the world is coming down on us, or decide to use it for the better of ourselves or others. It’s all about perspective. Maybe the purpose of your story, is to share your story and inspire someone else in hard times. Or maybe your story is meant to change your direction and learn something important about yourself, then come back and try again like your resilient self should. Whatever you uncover in the moment you are looking for the silver lining – I challenge you to act on it. It might change everything for you.

At the end of the day, even if you can’t find the silver lining… always remember one thing. That our holes are what built us, not break us. Things will be okay, you will get through this, and you’ll be more beautiful, strong, resilient than you were before. I believe in you & love you!