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The Subconscious Mind Challenge: Change your surroundings, change your life ✨

Karagan Osmann | 12 July, 2021

            The Subconscious Mind Challenge: Change your surroundings, change your life ✨

Being aware of the power of subconscious mind is crucial to becoming the best, most positive version of yourself.

You’re probably wondering – what is the Subconscious Mind Challenge?! If you’re curious, read more to find out!

I wanted to start off by talking about something I believe plays a huge role on our day to day outlooks and outcomes. By being aware of this, you can change so much about your life positively! This would be… our subconscious!

I read an analogy once about the ocean in relation to our beauty. The analogy was that the view of the ocean is truly captivating, but the only reason we see the beauty at the surface is because of what is found below it. When you look at the ocean, you’re seeing just a small, small glimpse of what it’s really made of, but the true magic is deep below the waters. I loved this analogy because this holds so true to us, that our beauty truly comes from what is beneath the surface ❤️

All of this starts with the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind plays into this because we are constantly receiving and storing data, that we don’t even realize… and then our conscious mind forms the thoughts, responses and actions around those things in our day to day lives. Thinking about this, I decided to start the week by setting a goal to analyze what I’m allowing to enter my subconscious and make an effort to only input things that will help me be better & happier. Here are the questions I am asking myself:

  • ✨ What am I listening to? What music/audio do I listen to every day & does it reflect positivity or negativity?
  • ✨ Who am I hanging out with? Do they uplift me or do they belittle me? Do they make me a better person?
  • ✨ What shows am I watching? Are they shows that better me or are they shows that make me sad? Do they help me learn?
  • ✨ Are the people I follow on Social Media positive role models?!

Whatever questions you decide to ask yourself… the ultimate one is “Is what I’m taking in visually & audibly moving me forwards in life & expressing positivity and growth?”. If the answer is yes, then keep doing what you’re doing & if no, then try to find a positive change ❤️

Whether we believe it or not, all of these things that seem so small… matter in forming who we are as a person, how we portray ourselves and handle situations, and so much more.

The quote I read about the ocean concludes and says: “Much like the ocean, the life and beauty others see in us is a mere reflection of the deeper chambers of our existence”. I love that! We are lucky to get to choose what surrounds us on the daily basis, and make sure that from the inside – out, we exude beauty, and positivity in every sense of the word. ✨

I plan to take full control of that, and make sure to keep this front of mind from here on out! I hope you guys enjoy this exercise, and join along with me! Let me know if you do and what you find ❤️

Join me and connect with me via our community. You can learn more here. If you’d like to join now to connect with me and other S’moo Babes doing the challenge, click here! 💕