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Focused on authenticity & customer experience... Karagan built her career helping mission based start-ups set up to scale to 7 figure businesses. She now is CEO + Founder of S'moo and is committed to helping women worldwide who suffer from hormone imbalances, find hope and realize that medical results do not define them. While S'moo is a product, it is a community first company that focuses on connecting women and empowering them to always look at the power within them to make an impact on themselves and others.

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About S'moo

Committed to helping S’moo Babes
everywhere feel their best selves again.

Our goal with S’moo is to help women everywhere achieve optimal hormonal balance and feel their best selves again, from the inside-out. We’re committed to supplying the highest quality, all natural products, made only with proven & studied vitamins, minerals & herbs. S’moo is the first of its kind to support hormonal imbalances such as PCOS, PMS, Infertility, Endometriosis, Menopause and more. All you need is just one scoop a day to help support happy hormones & a happy life.

 With the support of our S’moo Babe community, we are each making an impact to help women everywhere see that they are beautiful, and that there is hope no matter their situation in life. Here at S’moo, we don’t let our medical results define us; instead, we choose to become stronger & better in every way possible. We are all beautifully connected by S’moo and together, we can make a lasting mark on this world as we navigate our hormones and celebrate the beauty in life. 

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