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Good overcomes bad, as long as you let it.

Karagan Osmann | 12 July, 2021

            Good overcomes bad, as long as you let it.

Good overcomes bad, as long as you let it.

Let me just start by saying… that luckily for us S’moo Babes, we literally have the best community full of kindness & love! I feel so blessed to have each and every one of you by my side & I hope you share the sentiment <3 But today, I want to talk about what I’ve been experiencing in my day to day life, my overall thoughts on it & what I’m doing to change my mindset on it. 

I have to admit, when I’m out in real world – people just aren’t as nice as they used to be. Customer experience is defaulting to robotic-ness, social media is breeding inauthenticity, quarantine may or may not be driving everyone stir crazy and people oftentimes are so busy keeping their lives afloat that they forget to be kind to thy neighbor. Let me just say, I GET IT. I can resonate with each scenario and understand that it just naturally comes with it… unless you make an active effort to be different. And let me add… I’ve totally recognized that I’ve done this so I thought I’d share what I’m trying to do different. I try to remind myself of these daily – to make sure I’m doing my part to make love, positivity and caring a part of my daily life:

  1. Active Listening – If someone is talking to me, I need to LISTEN and be engaged. If I zone out, I’m going to be honest and say I zoned out and ask them to repeat it. Because it’s important that whoever is talking to me, knows I’m present and taking in what they say.
  2. Redirecting Emotions – If someone is not nice to me, I try to flip it and understand where they are coming from. That maybe they’re having a long day, or had a terrible nights sleep. I do my best to not take it personally and recognize how I could have been better or created a positive change in their day.
  3. Reaching out – I literally set a goal to reach out to a friend/family member each day to tell them I’m thinking of them or something nice that can positively impact their day, send them $5 for a coffee, or share their passion projects with other. I make it my goal, as if it’s my job to support, and love my friends, peers, family. It may sound silly but we get so wrapped up in our day to day that we forget to show love to our loved ones!
  4. Sharing others achievements – I’ll be honest, in our social media forward world, I am terrible at acknowledging many of my friends posts or commenting on them. I am actively working on being more engaged to not only show I care but also show support for them and whatever goal they are after. A comment, share & like goes far in this day and age especially when you are working to build your page to reach your goals.
  5. Being selfless – I try to find something I can do each day that can help someone else’s day be better. Whether it be a S’moo babe, a stranger, my partners or my friends. Setting a goal like this may not always be achievable each day – but it sure puts you on the right track to living an impact first life!
  6. Being introspective – Each day, I try to sit on a quote, and write about my feelings on it (what I’m doing right now!). In hopes to not only realize how I can be better, but to manifest what I want in my life, and also help others along the way.

I hope that these ideas resonate with you & give you some ideas if this is something you have been sitting on. Personally, I have been doing this a lot lately. I know to my core that I care about people – and I am actively trying to find ways that I can make the most impact I possibly can each day and be the good that overcomes the bad. There is always room for improvement in all of us, and even one step in the right direction is a step worth making. 

I love you guys – and thank you for being such wonderful humans to your core! I love to see this community flourish with women who support and love each other through the ups & downs. There is nothing like it! S’moo Babes forever <3